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Crooked Mile Counselling offers a range of both in-person and online counselling options
to suit different needs and budgets:

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Two different options are available for in-person counselling:

Option 1

Standard In-Person Counselling
- Central Ipswich

Experience traditional face-to-face counselling in the privacy and comfort of a professionally serviced

office space in central Ipswich.

I handle all the details of securing the room, tailored to our appointment needs. This option requires advance scheduling and reflects a higher session rate due to the cost of room hire.

If you value direct personal interaction

in a dedicated professional environment with no additional effort on your part, this is the perfect choice.
Please note that there is a non-refundable booking fee of $40 for this service.

Concession = $85
Non-concession = $125

Option 2

Self-Managed Option
- Central Ipswich

For a more affordable in-person counselling experience, residents of the Ipswich region can book

a private meeting room at Ipswich Library

and pay the same as our online counselling rates.


This self-managed option let's you coordinate the booking, allowing for a significant reduction in cost.

It's ideal for those who are comfortable handling their own bookings and looking for a more budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing the personal touch of face-to-face sessions.


Interested in managing your own counselling setting at a reduced cost? Contact us to find out more.

Concession = $45

Non-concession = $85

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Skip the hassle of traffic and parking, and enjoy the comfort of being in your own space.

Online counselling is an excellent option for people with mobility issues, social anxiety, introversion

or have a limited budget.

Online counselling also offers greater flexibility, with evening appointments available,

making it easier to fit into busy schedules or health needs.

Some people prefer to initially have in-person appointments,

and switch to online later on, when they feel comfortable.

Concession rate: $45

Non-concession: $85

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Counselling for people living in aged care facilities in Ipswich, QLD.

Whether you or your loved one are adjusting to new life stages, coping with a loss of independence or

simply need someone to talk to,

I am here to provide compassionate support at your convenience at an affordable price.
You can read more on how I support people with disability, chronic illness or aging here

In-person residential aged care counselling: $50 per hour

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