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Living with  disability, chronic health issues or ageing is not easy

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The impacts of these issues on our lives can feel overwhelming and isolating.

Whether it's adapting to a new diagnosis, facing the challenges of a longstanding condition, or experiencing the changes that come with aging,

the journey can significantly impact our sense of self and our place in the world.

Living with chronic illness and disability myself means

I understand these complexities both personally and professionally.

I know the depth of emotion that can accompany shifts in your health and abilities - including feelings of loss, frustration, bitterness, grief, and sometimes despair.

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I can support you with:

  • Adapting to Changes: Whether it’s a new diagnosis, a progression in symptoms, or adjustments required by aging, I can help you navigate the practical and emotional terrains that these changes bring.

  • Managing Loss of Independence: This can be one of the hardest aspects to face. Together, we can find strategies to maintain your independence in various forms & find value in your life even when it's become limited.

  • Redefining Identity: We can explore how your condition or age-related changes are affecting your view of yourself and work towards integrating these changes into a positive self-concept.

  • Dealing with Social Reactions: From uncomfortable questions to unsolicited advice, I can give you a space to vent, and help you develop coping mechanisms for dealing with social interactions that may be awkward, distressing or aggravating.

  • Enhancing Relationships: Changes in health and mobility can strain relationships, or leave you feeling isolated and lonely. We can work on ways to to strengthen your connections with others.

  • Exploring Intimacy and Sexuality: Illness and aging can affect intimacy. I can support you in addressing these changes, fostering open dialogue, and finding new ways to experience closeness.

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